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TCORS Capitol Group Matches Holiday Charity Donations


MPI CRV Holiday Charity Program: Rebuilding Warriors

22 Veterans a day commit suicide once they return home from military service. Many of our nation’s bravest are afraid to ask for or cannot get the help they so desperately need to reintegrate back into society. Rebuilding Warriors mission statement is: Saving Warriors, One Dog at a Time.

Rebuilding Warriors provides highly trained and socialized Service/Companion Dogs to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Rebuilding Warriors purchases their dogs from reputable breeders, and also rescue dogs from breed rescues and local animal shelters. These young dogs will be trained by them and have a good foundation of obedience and manners so as to easily bond with their new owner and family. Rebuilding Warriors then matches the Wounded Veterans with their companion/mobility dog, provide training and in-home set up of equipment at no cost to the Veteran. RW also pays for all vetting and needs throughout the life of the dog for the Veteran. 

These dogs become great confidence builders aiding these men and women as they return to society. The unconditional love given and received by these dogs will teach these warriors to ignore their own self-imposed limitations.

Please help MPI CRV help Rebuilding Warriors to change the lives of these warriors one dog at a time.

CRV will be collecting cash and checks to donate to Rebuilding Warriors as well as accepting New Rubber KONGS and Chew Toys for medium and large sized dogs, as well as animals with no stuffing or squeakers.

In addition to these generous donations, TCORS Capitol Group, LLC
has offered to be the Matching Sponsor for all monetary donations
collected at the MPI CRV Holiday Party. 

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